Vin number database

  • Thanks,

    I own 5f09k 694922,i bought it from a member on hear a few years ago, and would imagine its on your database, the car was in the UK, and is in now Spain.

    5f09k 139921 is a car i was offered, and i was wondering if you have any info on this car.


    Hi Andy,

    I have not logged either of those vins in my database. The car you own is entry number 355 however. I must ask: do you have the original vin stamped transmission/block in the kar? If so, please let me know so I can update my database.

    Can I get some information on the owner/location of 5F09K139921?

  • Both cars in spain, both blocks are stamped, will need to get up close to check it out, as with the trans.


    I'll stand by while you verify those vins. For your case I hope they are original. For everyone else looking for their original block I hope they are mismatched. :)

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