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  • Hi Evan,

    You had asked me a question a couple of years ago when I first joined the EKschange.

    It was part of my initial New Member post and you asked whether I have verified the matching VINs on the block and transmission.

    I have not and would welcome any guidance you can give on how and where to look for this verification. It's something I've been meaning to do but was lacking the know-how.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  • Hi Evan,

    Thanks for your efforts on the 'Lost and Found' section.

    I'm sure many people appreciate it for such unique products that we are dealing with.

    Have you ever had any news on 6R07K185509 block?


    • Anthony,

      Unfortunately not. Would like to get you added to my database as someone looking for this block. Can I get your cell number?

      Please confirm the build date of your kar. Would you be interested in a date code correct 289 bare block for your kar to restore?

  • I have this Kar 7F02K163366. I have my original block. I do not have my transmission. Please let me know if it ever shows up in your database. Glad to be a member!!


    • Mark,

      Not sure how I missed your message but I have not ran across your transmission unfortunately. Can i get your cell number to add to my database if I do?

  • 1967 k paxton engine 7r02k127789 looking for car.

    • I did record you in my database. I have your number listed as 814-934-2544. I'll let you know if I run across it.

  • hello. I'm mark new member. Have 67 k code engine. Looking for car 67 shelby gt 350 my. Phone. 814 934 2544 mark snyder

    • Mark, what 67 K code engine do you have? I have a couple people looking for their original 67 hipo engine. Thanks!

  • How much$