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    If your name is Paul from California, I recorded in my database you were looking for this block in the past. Aren't you looking for the vin-stamped transmission too? I believe I have your current phone number as well in case I ever run across the block. You will be the first to know if I do!


    Both cars in spain, both blocks are stamped, will need to get up close to check it out, as with the trans.


    I'll stand by while you verify those vins. For your case I hope they are original. For everyone else looking for their original block I hope they are mismatched. :)


    I own 5f09k 694922,i bought it from a member on hear a few years ago, and would imagine its on your database, the car was in the UK, and is in now Spain.

    5f09k 139921 is a car i was offered, and i was wondering if you have any info on this car.


    Hi Andy,

    I have not logged either of those vins in my database. The car you own is entry number 355 however. I must ask: do you have the original vin stamped transmission/block in the kar? If so, please let me know so I can update my database.

    Can I get some information on the owner/location of 5F09K139921?

    5F09K309056 65 rangoon red 3.89, 4 speed. owned 1983-1996.. Dam Divorce. Rhode Island. Last known location Massachusetts in the 2000'


    Please contact me about your kar you are looking for. Send me your cell phone number so we can set up a call. I have some information for you on your particular vin you are searching for.


    I recorded this vin a while back as you had previously put out an inquiry into this particular vin. I have not ran across this vin. A check of government databases showed no record.

    Yes but my car was stolen in 1972 and striped of the engine, trans, and rear axle. So yes it’s the casting date of the replacement Hipo 289 not the original hipo to the car. With the build on the car at June 8th and casting date on the engine May 29 -9 days prior I don’t think it would ever pass as the original even if the vin was on it. So close it’s too close. But I’m happy with it.....I’m trying to get her as close to accurate as possible for now Then one day Evan will find my stuff then it will be 100% :)

    I sure the hell hope to find your engine. Make sure to encourage those with mismatched vins to get a hold of me here or on facebook.

    "The 65 Mustang HiPo engine tag number was 554. There was a suffix, but Ford never listed it unless it was necessary to distingish between two different engines. Best to use the data from someone else's engine tag for the suffix. J was a common letter, but I don't know if there were others. Good place for other owners to chime in with their engine tag data. On the bottom left of the tag is the date code. Should be something like 5-G if your Mustang was built in July 1965" --Bob Mannel

    Agree with Fred. I'll also offer my phone number here and I can walk you through verifying authenticity. 334-221-0214. Evan