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  • Hi Old_school55

    Welcome to the site. You'll learn a lot if your mustang is your first K-code. Do you have the original block and transmission, as indicated by a matching vin stamp on each? If not, do you have someone else's vin stamped into the block or tranny?


    • Hi Evan,

      Thanks and I'm just starting to get familiar with the site and make some posts. This is my first K-code but I've owned it since 1988. Yes, it is an all original numbers matching kar.


    • That is quite a long time to own a kar. Congrats! Can you tell me about how you acquired it and in 1988, did you specifically look for a K-code?

    • I'd be happy to share my story, which I think is pretty interesting.

      I became interested in K-code Mustangs through a colleague at work that drove a beautiful blue '65 convertible K-code to work, as his daily driver! This was in the mid-80's.

      I started looking and in early '88 I found my car in a Road & Track magazine classified ad. The car was located in San Antonio, so I called the seller and he sent me pictures and some more information on the car. I decided to pursue it and stopped over to check out the car while on a business trip to Atlanta. I drove it and we shook hands and agreed on a price and some additional repairs to be completed, and I left for Atlanta.

      I was in Atlanta for 3 weeks for some corporate training, and flew back to San Antonio on my way home and picked up the car. I planned to drive it home from San Antonio to San Jose! This is pre-cell phone days...what was I thinking?

      3 hours into my trip, I'm in the middle of nowhere on I-10 in West Texas, the driveshaft snaps!

      I had to hitchhike back to the nearest little town, hire a tow truck to go pick up the car, then catch a bus the next morning back to a bigger city, where I rented a U-Haul truck and trailer, drove back to the garage in the little town and put the car on the trailer and headed west.

      I ended up taking 3 days driving the U-Haul back to San Jose, which had a maximum speed of 50 mph, with no air conditioning or radio, in the middle of June. Quite the memorable trip!!

    • Wow! What a story. Any pictures of that fateful trip!?

      When I bought my 66 K-code fastback I test drove it a few miles. I pulled it on a uhaul trailer from Wisconsin to San Antonio. The first day I drove the kar I was on the 1604 loop and heard a loud noise coming from my driveline area. It sounded like my driveline popped off and was dragging. Towed it to a mechanic and he pulled the differential carrier off and discovered a bolt inside the differential, just sitting in the gear oil. We have no idea how it got there. We speculated that at one point it was punched inward and fell into the gear oil and forgotten about. So I had to buy a new diff carrier, new gears and many $$$ later I was cruising again. Haven't had a problem since.