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  • Hi Fred,

    It's Rob from CT.

    Just popped on the site quickly and saw you were also online.

    Hope your week is going well!



  • Fred, Back on the forum after a long absence. Was reading about the Arvinode system. Not sure how I got them, from whom, and you might already have them, but I have copies of the Mustang Arvinode system blueprints from Ford. Includes the H-pipe, muffler assemblies, forward and aft hangers, and outlet clamps. The muffler assembly blueprints have to be pasted together to show the system on one large layout. Quality of copies is not great, but readable. I also have copies of Arvin Industries patented papers, and copies of Arvin Industries blueprints for the Mustang quarter-wave mufflers and rear resonators. If you don't have these and would like them, I will mail them to you. I assume as administrator you can see my email address. If not, I can provide. Let me know your address and I will send them to you. Bob Mannel

    • Hi Bob,

      I am happy to see you back on the forum. I just sent you an email from

      Thank you very much for the offer of these blueprints.

      Best regards,

      Fred Ballard

      28916 Flowerpark Drive

      Canyon Country, Ca. 91387-1801


  • Hi Fred,

    If I remember correctly there was a member here who made and sold the competition crossmembers. Do you know who and if they still sell those?



  • Okay, Thanks

  • I have an early 1964 1/2 K-Code coupe and I'm looking for the location of the VIN# and or tag on the transmission.

    • Hi,

      I am a better talker than a typist so please try calling me.

      Best regards,


      661-251-2362 Southern California

  • Hey Fred,

    I'm new here, Just signed up.

    I'm curious, what's the build date and serial number on your 65 Coupe?

    I have and A code built in San Jose as well. Originally Phoenician which I believe was an early color and changed later.

    My date is, 05K and is number 143810



    • Hi Joe,

      My 65 Koupe was a first week of 65 model San Jose production. 64 1/2 production seems to have ended at the end of July, 1964 in San Jose. It has a scheduled build date of 06H which is August 6, 1964. I also had questioned the Phoenician yellow being listed in most identifiers as a 64 1/2 color.

      Best regards,


    • So

      It looks like our cars are just 2 short months apart and same color too. Pretty cool to find after all these years! Care to share your unit number?

      I guess mine would be 43,810 number built?? Drop the 1??

      Original build mine was an auto but converted to 4 speed when I built it into a Vintage A Sedan race car clone.

      It does have an all original K code HiPo in it too!


    • Koupe 126847 and San Jose 1965 VIN started at 125001. Therefore mine is 1,846 from number one. Therefore you need to drop the 125001 from your VIN. San Jose only built the 64 1/2 version for about 3 weeks.

      Best regards,


  • I'm interested in some of you parts. Can I call you?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry. I am moving around a lot today so I do not have a set phone number. I do see my emails at different times of the day.

      Where are you located?

      Best regards,


    • New to forum. I have lots of questions regarding new k code purchase. So here we go....any idea what the transition month/year that stopped using black base "double hump" air cleaner and went to gold base. My car was born on 11/13/64. I would consider this a fairly early k code.Thanks

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      I just sent you an email.

      Best regards,