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  • i have a 1965 fastback san Jose built FOR SALE check my posting 12/13/21

  • do you still have the engine?? 916 996-9008 Randy

  • You still have hipo heads you posted back in March?

  • Yep. Looks like mine :)

    • hello As can i send you more photos

    • Good grief I did not see your reply till just now….did you find your old car? I sold my car in 2004 and it went to the LA area from 2005 through 2009. An Asian guy named Ted bought it. He got in Financial trouble during the recession and sold the car to a guy named Ed Rutherford in North Carolina in 2009 and it lived there till 2019 when I bought it back from him…it looks like my cars it’s twin so I thought maybe you were the Ted guy that owned it…..the history prior to 2004 was the car lived with me in Jacksonville Florida from 1986-2004