K Code with 427

  • I was in Barnes & Noble this weekend and just happend to pick up and glance thru a copy of a book titled Rusted Muscle...or something close to that.

    As I was glancing thru pics of rusted old classics I was stunned to see a not so rusty, but no less ODD puke yellow '65 Coupe with a T-BOLT style 427 stuffed in the engine bay. It even had the flying eagle 427 fender badges.

    As I remember the VIN number was 5F09K134205.

    The car had huge rear fender cuts for slicks, a 60's era roll bar, tear drop hood, and seriously modified shock towers to fit the big FE.

    Anybody know of this car? I searched the database and it isn't listed.

    I was amazed at the details the limited photos showed - car looked legit as a 60's retrofit with lots of period correct stuff.

    Really amazing to see.

  • Ralph, The VIN that you listed is for a fastback and not a coupe. The numerical sequence makes it a 64 1/2 which could not be a fastback anyway. Maybe you misread the 07 number as an 09?


    65 Koupe early San Jose Phoenician Yellow 4 speed
    66 GT Koupe Dearborn Blue 4 speed
    66 KGT San Jose fastback pony interior Silver Frost 4 speed
    64 Falcon sedan delivery 289 4 speed
    65 Ranchero 289 4 speed
    66 Corvette roadster 427/425 4 speed

  • There is a very nicely done 427 65/66 fastback in Greenville, SC. Owned by Jerry Mason and stored at his hot rod shop. I was told it was done by grafting a '67 front clip onto the car but I don't know if this is true. I do know it looks very factory under the hood and still retains the shock towers.

  • OK my bad...being a fastback owner all these years I mistakenly checked and typed 09 instead of 07.

    It definetly was a Coupe - I'll recheck the numbers and repost the results.

    The photos show significant reinforcements and welding in the shock towers, but the remainder looked stock '65.

    I may just have to go back and buy the book for my colletion of Mustang / K Code stuff.

    OK no luck on a search of 5F07K or 5R07K.

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  • I believe that was the first 427 Mustang and yes it was a coupe.If it's the one I'm thinking of it was originally white then painted a light yellow with red indents.This was a H&M built car sent to Bob Ford to be raced.The car was later wrecked and destroyed I'm sorry to say!

  • Now I'm definitely going to have to go back for that book. It looked like a fairly recent book and said the car was still around.

    It did mention a ton of stuff about H&M building some of these cars and selling kits to do it too.

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