65/66 disc brake rotor dust shields

  • I have a great pair of 65/66 Disc brake rotor dust shields from the desert southwest. They were straight nice originals we cleaned , glass beaded, epoxy primered and dipped in black paint to get the factory look with a few drippies. They do NOT reproduce these shields and if they did they'd probably screw them up anyway. I can supply pics for the asking. $450 pr. If you need a great pair of concourse ready to install shields give us a shout (920) 434 3645

  • I guess I'll have to throw away the pair of 65-66 dust shields I got from NPD (p/n 2B127-1A, $24.95, 2011 cat pg 69). They're in stainless but with a quick session in the bead blaster to roughen up the surface for paint, they should work. Oh, they been on the car for years. Damn. And (he said between sips of CRW), NPD has some NOS dust shields for $50.00.


  • Jim, Jim Cowles is referring to the 2K004 which is a splash shield that he is calling a dust shield. The 2B127 is the disc pad retainer, and yes, the stainless steel retainers are a decent reproduction although without the FoMoCo logo. The only reproductions of the dust shields (splash shields) are a modified 67 version which is incorrect in appearance for 65 and 66. It is tough to find decent originals like Jim has.


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