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    A complete change of topic (because I want to), Charles, how do you like the dual redline?


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    Very nice! Will actually be swapping it with one of the tires on the burgundy hi-po convertible.

  • as mentioned above

    documention is the key

    i’d like to know the definition of ‘clone’

    how many pieces of a car would have

    to be replaced before it was considered a clone?

    many restored vehicles are described as "original,"

    when what is meant, is that they only look original!

    An original vehicle would be one

    exactly as built by the factory

    that has not had any changes made to it.

    everything absolutely original and untouched!!

    original tires, exhaust, paint, oil, oil filter

    paint runs, ugly welds etc.

    even the air in the tires

    and finger prints of the production line workers

    who assembled her!!

    ie COMPLETELY 'untouched.'


  • "Clone" - a name change written on masking tape placed on fender.

    "Original" - the trunk mat was glued in at the factory and I can't get it out.

    "Restored" - a $29.95 paint job and viola!

    "Restomod" - put on a 1050 Dominator and get 4.2 MPG.

    "Performance" - removed air cleaner.

    "Low rider" - tires need air.

    "Trailered" - because it don't run.

    "Raced" - rear wheels are taller than front.

    "Approved" - I got it at AutoZone, so?

    "Second Owner" - because it sat in a field for 38 years.

    "Professionally (whatever)" - has a pair of jackstands and a wrench.

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