Back on the Mouse-Tang

  • I see some familiar names in the posts, that's reassuring. I had top stop my car project in February 2008 when I lost my job. Today was my first full-time work day since then, so maybe in a few months (after creditors and such are dealt with) I may be able to start again. Glad to see things are still rolling along here!

  • Welcome back to the site. I am happy to hear that you are now gainfully employed as so many people out there now are not.


    65 Koupe early San Jose Phoenician Yellow 4 speed
    66 GT Koupe Dearborn Blue 4 speed
    66 KGT San Jose fastback pony interior Silver Frost 4 speed
    64 Falcon sedan delivery 289 4 speed
    65 Ranchero 289 4 speed
    66 Corvette roadster 427/425 4 speed

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