1966 GT K-Code F/B

  • Hi Fella's, being an auto Kar I see it has the rebound rubber on the rebound plate(floor). Very close build date to my Kar which also has the rebound rubber mounted in this position.

    Cheers Eddie

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  • Eddie, The rebound rubber bumper mounted on the floor mounted rebound plate has nothing to do with an automatic transmission. I have observed these on a couple of original 1966 4 speed Kars as well. Every one that I have seen with the rebound bumper attached to the rebound plate also had the rebound rubber mounted on the rear end snubber as well. The problem with that is that they overlap each other slightly on contact which damages both rubber bumpers. The Hipo Kars should only have the one on the rear end snubber plate. This has to be a factory error and my theory is that being as the rear floor pan build up on a Hipo is for a GT model, which had an 8 inch rear end with the floor mounted bumper, that the assembly line installed the floor mounted bumper in error as all other regular Mustangs had it.

    Charles may want to weigh in on this as well.


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  • 65-66 A code GT's also had the rebound plate as the rear build-up with the dual exhaust reinforcements was carried over to those cars as well. The rebound bumper would be screwed to the plate on the A code GT's.

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