Feeler... '65 K fastback

  • Thinking of selling my '65 K fastback. Have a couple folks that I mentioned it to privately, but now that I've made the big step to actually consider selling, thought I would post up here to gauge interest. I am simply looking to get my investment back out of it. Paid $24k for it as a running/driving car about 2 years ago. Have bought approximately $10-12k worth of parts, some of them Shelby upgrades.

    The car came out of Oklahoma a while back, was in a personal collection. It's originally caspian blue with medium blue std. interior. It was built in Jan '65 at DAP, so too early to be a GT or have deluxe interior. It is an original Arvinode exhaust K car. The drive train is completely original with matching VIN stamped block and trans. It has never been wrecked or rusted out, has all original sheet metal except for the front/rear valences, which I have Ford replacements. The car is currently disassembled down to a rolling shell as I was not happy with the paint. It was probably a 10 footer before, could have used some touch-up here and there to make presentable, but I would rather just give it a complete job. My plans were to knock the suspension off, put it on a rotisserie and do the top/bottom. I have most everything to put it back together. Mechanically, the car was in great shape before tear-down, so shouldn't need a motor overhaul or anything like that. It originally had disc brakes, which I have, it also had an 8k rally-pac and I was going to install a console in it. The plans were to make it a nice street-able car, not a show queen.

    Like I mentioned, just looking to get back the $$ I put into it, which is around $35k. Probably will seem high and I understand that, but I also do not have to sell it either. If anyone is seriously interested, send me an e-mail using the E-mail User function in my hpmx profile. I'm not going to advertise this anywhere else.

  • Ah Charles, since you have the know-how you better just finish restoring the sucker. Sure, you won't get your money out of it, but nice fresh drivers are hard to come by these days. This should just be your keeper that you will constantly be upside down on <img src=images/icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>

  • I would like to restore the K, but there are about 5 cars I have to do first. Probably a minimum of 3 years before I could do any type of restoration work. Someone else could make a real nice car out of it.

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    could you post a picture?


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    E-mail sent..

  • The K fastback has been sold. A friend of mine in Germany decided he had to have it. I'll be helping him get it painted and back together, maybe sometime this summer. Thanks to those that expressed interest.

  • Other than another fine stang leaving our country, that's a pretty good ending for you! You get to see the Kar completed and somebody else is going to finance it. Congratulations.

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