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    Hi Rohan, the reason I asked is because the VHT paint is in the Virginia Classic Mustang catologue.


    Hi Guys, due to the fact we can't get US paint easily in Australia is VHT branded paint suitable for the red oxide primer for the differential centre-SP-303 in the Quick coat enamals?

    Also which is the correct Ford blue to use for an early 1966 Kar? SP- 125 Ford dark blue or SP-138 Ford blue (US)?

    Thanks Again Zed

    Hi Ralph, that's the type of info I like to hear about, other people's experience with a product/modification. It sounds good.

    Many Thanks Zed

    Hi All, I hope everyone has had a good Xmas and New Year. Has anyone fitted/or used a lower control arm camber kit such as this one.

    And used it in conjunction with a RRS adjustable strut rod kit with a urethane bush kit.

    Would you use any spacers on the upper control arm mounting bolts.

    I am looking at doing this mod on my 65 Futura.

    Any advice greatly accepted.

    Thanks Zed

    Hi, I was just looking at the NPD site and saw a 289 HiPo fan spacer listed with a pn of 8546-4A with a price of $26.95.

    Would this be the same as the Virginia Mustang part mentioned previously or a new repro?

    Cheers Eddie

    Hi Paul, could you please keep me informed about your C4 trans as my Kar is meant to be an auto.

    Cheers from Adelaide Zed

    Hi, have you checked your radiator hoses. If they are soft when the motor heats up the hoses can suck in under revs and block the coolant flow. Once you idle the pressure on the hoses isn't so great and they resume their shape and flow again but with a raised temperature.

    Hope you solve it.

    Hi Fellas, I hope you all are well and weathering the economic crisis. I have had a 65-66 Mustang 8" rear axle housing converted to a 9" housing and narrowed to suit my XP Futura coupe. The bloke who narrowed the housing left the Mustang spring perches on the housing. These perches suit a 2&1/2" wide spring, the XP Futura uses a 2" wide leaf spring like a 60-63 US Falcon.

    The spring centre bolt on the Futura does not extend up enough to solidly position the axle housing with the Mustang style perches. I got some Mustang spring centre bolts which are taller than the original bolts. These new bolts have a loose fit in the upper part/hole of the perches and do not locate the housing solidly. Is there a spacer/ insulator bush I am missing? The axle bloke said it should bolt in and I just need to use Mustang lower shock plates to fit this housing onto the narrow springs. I got repro plates and u-bolts from VaMustang for this purpose but I am concerned about the housing moving. Does anyone have an idea on this type of fitment apart from getting narrow spring perches fitted to the housing

    I am reluctant to return the housing to the bloke who modified it due to the length of time it took to get this job done in the first place (1 year).

    Thank you in advance Zed.

    Hi, it sounds like your economy is slowly starting to pick up finally. Glad you got a job Z. Ray and hopefully any other member as well. Hang in there fella's and the Best of Luck finding work and keeping those Kars.


    Hi Fella's, I saw this on eBay and thought it might be of interest to some one.…ories?hash=item4a98dc9341

    It is for a pair of LeMans Style fuel bowls.

    His starting bid is $80.00 AUD which is cheaper for those in the USA given the exchange rate. If you buy just remember to get it sent via Registered or insured mail and get the reg/insured number for tracking on the Aussie post/USPS web sites.

    I may be able to help as I am in Adelaide as well.

    Good Luck Zed

    p.s I don't know the person who is selling.

    Hi Guys, here is an Australian website which has some pictures and info about Aussie coupes, Ford and brand X & Y. I have not used their services and cannot vouch for them in any way should some one decide to buy a car through them.

    I have an XM and XP Futura coupes if any body wants to check the pictures out.

    All the best Zed

    Hi, I got the parts in the mail awhile ago and they look very well made.

    But the transition pan on my Futura is different from a Mustang and the upper panel will not fit without a bit of reworking. I might have to make a sheet metal brake and make a new part for inside the boot(trunk) area to get this to work on my car. I'm still waiting on the 9" axle housing to be finished. Hopefully the car will be back on some wheels again soon.

    Regards Zed

    Hi, what replacement rod bolts are available for the HiPo rods? (Square/rectangular type head).

    Can you use Boss 302 type bolts?

    Many Thanks Zed

    Thanks for the help. I was concerned about a deterioration in handling on a car with this modification retrofitted. But it all sounds good and I am hoping for improved traction as well.

    I had noticed a few members have modified cars of varying types and was/ have tapped into other's experience's with this modification.

    Thanks again for the great advice and help.

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