67 restoration part 10

  • Over the last couple of weeks we've made some progress on the yellow 67. The carpet has been installed, along with the seat belts and those new retracters. The carpet was mass backed from ACC. We did a lot of heating and then putting weights down to get the fit the way we wanted. The kick panels are in too. I decided to fix the orginals kick panels and use them. Yesterday I picked up the last piece of front window trim so today we put all the trim around the front windsheild both inside and outside. Before installing any trim we taped around the cowl to make sure we did'nt scratch anything.[Blocked Image: http://i52.tinypic.com/2uo1fz8.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://i53.tinypic.com/wtjc43.jpg]

  • A while back I had talked to Nate Miller at Buckeye Restorations (very helpfull guy) and he suggested ACC mass backed without the burlap attached and that's the way I ordered it. The carpet is much stiffer than other carpets that I've used consequently it took longer to install than the less expensive carpet, but I'm happy with the results. The foot well area for the back seat needed to be heated and then weight added to fit the foot well exactly. We worked on the carpet off and on for about 12-14 hours before we were satified. I'm sure more experienced folks would be able to do the whole thing much quicker.

    Another area of concern is the sill scuff plates that are available. Those things bend so easily and never seem to fit. I looked at one type where it claimed to be orginal tooling, but they were too bright. Now we'er using one of the cheaper after market types and trying to be extra carefull.

  • I used the Scott Drake sill plates made of SS on my fastback (not a concours resto) and was absolutely thrilled with them. I'm surprised the Ford tooling ones weren't to your liking.

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