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    If I have an 11/65 build date SJ 1966 car. What would be the correct date code for the timing cover? Wouldn't it have to be stamped with 9-11 dots with a 65 in the middle? .....................

    The guide for dating of engine parts IMHO needs to be compared to the assembly date of the block found on the drivers side - at the front - where the head mates to the block.

    Is it not true that the Rouge River plant produced the fastback before San Jose and those were sent to the Worlds Fair in NY as sales show cars? Like the ones on the Ford Rotunda? I have a very early VIN from the plant, earlier than any I have seen or read about. It’s a K code Fastback. Trying to see if it was a Worlds Fair car.

    There were fastbacks produced at the pilot plant that were used for advertising and other purposes. Believe I've got some references to a couple of them from June of 64 for early road tests and/or PR days . It may be some of those cars that were used for display early in the Fairs display period. There is also a red fastback that you can find pictures of that lacks parts on the car (rear interior items easiest to see in the pictures I've viewed) that were seen and photographed at Shelby America. This suggest this was a very early Fastback where they had not figured out some of the fine details but needed certain people to view and examine the new body type

    Years ago we had a very early SJ fastback that was originally equipped with cloth interior. Only one I've ever seen Unfortunately never kept track of VIN's or took pictures but did keep the seat material as a show and tell item for judging seminars decades ago

    Yes the fair lasted a year so you will often find pictures taken through out that period as the displays changed and cars replaced to keep things fresh and new products in front of the public in hopes they would rush into the dealerships with orders

    Im thinking sub assys like complete rear end were assembled at a sub plant and shipped to one of the three mustang assy plants to be installed in the vehicle chassis much like rear leaf springs and complete engine assys.

    Correct. Since this is on the inside and not accessible by Dearborn or any other car plant worker it would have been applied at Sterling the plant that built and shipped completed full rearend assemblies out to the car plants.

    Looks like a home made tag riveted to the door jamb. Not a brass tag car nor does it appear to be anything special. Think we have another example of someone trying to make a story from crumbs or in this case a single crumb

    Of course there are no records of which cars were built when or in what order. And based on other years we have records for the lowest VINs were not usually the first ones down the line. Suggest that for 65-66 the only bragging can be done with titles/statements like having the lowest VIN rather than the first off the line.

    What I've collected so far

    It's a small number but is as follows

    Four examples of

    C6ZF - F

    A 5HE

    Two examples of

    C6ZF F

    A 5JC

    Two examples of

    C6ZF F

    B 5JD



    ? 5JD

    C6ZF - C

    B 6BD

    Don't post over here much at all though I do visit. Looking for any documentation, observation or input related to the assembly dates found on either of these two carburetors. As of right now what I'm founding is only groupings on specific dates sometimes close other times with a great amount of time from an earlier date.

    So if you have any information to help from an original tag please help by identifying which model/carb it is and the assembly date (smaller lower line) stamping. Currently have only about ten examples to start with


    Pics of the Markings on the side of the front frame rails,any idea what they mea

    While the unibody of the car was being painted its exterior color the fenders were hanging on hooks in another part of the plant floor. Those numbers identified the hook each fender was hung from so that workers could identify the correct fenders for each specific car.

    Since the numbers identified the hook the same number will be seen on many other Mustangs but not always the same pair of numbers. This was a practice seen at only San Jose so far during 65-66 production