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    Yes, and the other way too, my build date is February 10th, and the engine assembly is February 2nd, but we also know my car was about a month late based on other things in the car, more like a end of February or beginning March assembly.

    Maybe go over to the SAAC forum and post as well in there wanted section, these are super hard to find and when they do come up, people are looking for big $$$ for an unrestored or rebuilt one, restored I've seen then go for between 7K and 9K. Just warning you :)

    See, this is why I ask you Fred, things like that are good to know ;) Thanks for that information and I'll be sure to pass on that info to my builder. I'll ping you off line about the part...

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    Hey Fred,

    Thanks for the response as always and that's what I figured was the case. Do you think it's another one of those "worth while upgrades" to do a high volume pump, or just leave it stock, as you know I do for the most part cruise my car, but do get on it at times pretty hard.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    Hey all, wondering if the oil pump used in a 66 K-Code is different then a standard 289 engines, is the stock one considered a high volume one? I keep seeing posts and such talking about high volume oil pumps when talking about our Kars, or was it the same used for all 289 engines and they are all considered high volume oil pumps?

    Also, what the part number if you have it handy :)

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    Will do, I'll give you a call a little later in the day, appreciate all your help as always...

    Haha, not confused at all because all this information is all lining up with what I currently had found (even the AC Spark Plug stamping). I've been told the round black finish one C6AZ 6A666 A was the correct one for my car, but also been told the hex natural finish C5AZ 6A666 A valve was correct for my date car as well, so I guess at this point no one really knows and could use either, obviously the hex one is way easier to find, only seen one of the round black finish one once in my travels and it was used. So I guess I'll be looking for the one with the stamping. I did find this one that seems to align with what we think to be the correct one, but pretty beat and pricey for my application and what I'm looking for... do you agree this is probably the correct one?

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    It's still made by Car Capsule, here's a link to the site.

    It has a blower that hooks up to it and besides circulating air in the unit, it also has an attachment to keep the over all unit full of air, so if it ever gets low, it automatically starts filling it until the pressure is back to normal. I really like this because if I ever need to work on the car in the garage, it comes down, folds up and goes back up really easily. I give this product two thumbs up for sure and well worth the money in the long run.


    I have one and absolutely love it, it's really saved all my natural metal parts, really cut down on flash rust. It was great to have while I was restoring parts too, I could blast them and then put them inside the capsule and it would keep them from quickly rusting sitting around... I did also add a small dehumidifier in the area which also adds some additional protection and helps as well. I went ahead and got the big dog the "Showcase" model because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting the car in and out of it, I liked the fact it's free standing and I can just open the back and drive in and out of it. See attached photos. I wish I had got this a long time ago and with all the money I've put into the car it was a small investment for keeping it safe...


    Thanks guys...

    Fred, I've also seen this regarding the part number stamped on the valve itself stamped two ways, and I heard they were both correct for my application (see below), this is were the confusion came into play when I really started digging and found the A1 "Ford Box". But both actual valve stamps on the part I've been told are correct, but would love your opinion...

    Part# Valve Stamping:

    1) C5AZ 6A666 B

    2) C5AZ 6A666 A



    OK, been chasing this one for a while and was just curious if any of you know, is the correct 66 HiPo PCV part number C5AZ-6A666-A or C5AZ-6A666-A1, or something else entirely... every time I search I come up with different answers on all forums. And if for me we can be specific as to which would be correct for my Kar, February 66 build, San Jose plant.

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