63 5 bolt hipo in 67 Fairlane

  • Hi,

    Think I'm going to drop a 63 5 bolt hipo in my I6, 3 on the tree 67 Fairlane. I have a rebuilt C4 for an I6 and power steering setup for the same, so had a few questions if anyone knows...

    1) Is there a double crank pulley that will work with the hipo balancer and Power steering?

    2) any tips on bolting up the c4 to the 5 bolt? I know I'll need a new bellhousing. Already have an automatic column.

    3) any other 5 bolt gotchas, like starter differences, etc?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • The only pulleys that I have found to NOT fit the original Hipo balancer are the 3 groove pulleys for A/C. Even then, it was just a matter of machining the inner diameter of the harmonic balancer to fit. The replacement C8ZE balancer will take most any pulley.


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