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    Happy to find this forum. Recent second owner of a 1966/67 Griffith 400 with a HiPo engine. Because the car is one of about 50 Griffith's that were produced and sold without going through the Long Island Griffith factory, it's commonly referred to as a British Griffith.

    My car was shipped from England to Vancouver BC, where the Canadian west coast TVR dealer installed the HiPo engine, sourced from Ford of Canada Industrial Engine group, and then sold it to the former owner who kept it for 54 years.

    It has a wonderful Ford Industrial Engine number plate that was included with the car. It is the only documentation I have that would link the engine to its original HiPo roots because Griffith and TVR didn't use VIN numbering schemes that identified the engine type. I'm wondering if anyone would have a secret decoder ring that might bring out the true meaning of these numbers.

    The number plate says:

    Serial: C1484H15KK

    Type: CC6PW-6001-CF

    Options: S0-100


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    I have had several contacts from people with TVR Griffiths looking for Hipo 289 parts. They are interesting cars.

    I agree that that would be an industrial engine tag and the 6001 would be a basic number for a complete engine. I am surprised that the industrial side would get involved in a Hipo 289 as most industrial engines are more tame.


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  • Thanks for the welcome.

    Yes I've read that the Industrial engines were primarily detuned versions of automotive engines. I've had an email conversation with Mike Mooney (who was the Griffith factory test driver and author of "The Griffith Years") and after I sent him a photo of the engine number plate he said he remembers seeing them received with new engines, but they had no use for them and just threw them in a drawer and never used them in the build process. He wasn't aware of how to decode the various numbers. The 6001 meaning is a great start. I'll continue this thread in one of the subject forums and see what else comes up.


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