Anybody heard about the 70 1965 K HiPo Convertibles given away back in 1964?

  • Hello first of all thanks for bringing this Forum back, I did not get to visit it much as I would have liked to before. I have owned several Mustangs over the years, including a bunch of K Codes at the moment. I still own my 1st one a 65 K Fastback I bought at 17 in 1985 for $2000 that was put away for later and not been touched since. It is not quite the virgin as some of my others but what got me started collecting K cars. There was also a very nice 1966 GT350 Hertz sitting next to it for $22,000 but at around $3.25 an hour working part-time at the local pizza parlor it was out of my budget.

    I thought I was pretty sharp on Mustang Trivia overall and Mustang Promotions but this was new to me and probably at least most of you.

    Has anybody out there heard about the 70 (yes 70 cars) that were all were Red K code Hipo Convertibles with White Interiors that were given away in Late 1964 as a national promotion by a Men's Hair Care company via a mail in sweepstakes?

    I talked to a gentleman that says he won one of the cars while in High School. To improve his odds he entered the contest 525 times. So at .05 cents a stamp plus envelopes, his total investment was less than $29. Sounded like pretty cool story that I thought people on this forum would appreciate and the best part is he still owns it.

    I imagine they were all made about the same time, maybe someone here owns one and does not know it. His car was delivered to him October 2nd 1964, Rally-Pac, No Quarter Panel Emblems had Pinstripe option with Rocker Moldings so if you have one like this with Special Order DSO you probably have one as well. Waiting on magazine article regarding the original promotion.

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  • I can believe a 1 car promotion, but 70 is just not possible. The logistics of getting 70 Red K code convertibles is impossible (not even 70 K codes of all configurations).

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