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    "AOD-E transmissions built through 1995 share the same standard gear ratios as the AOD, with the exception of the 1994-95 Thunderbird, 1994-95 F and E series trucks and the 1993-95 Lincoln Mark VIII which already have the wide-ratio 4R70W gear-set (thus the parts source for Ford Motorsport’s wide-ratio kit). Starting with the 1996 model year, standard ratio AOD-E transmissions are no longer manufactured and only 4R70W wide ratio transmissions are produced.

    Copied from a website:

    This AOD wide ratio gear set will provide a 1st gear ratio increase from 2.40 to 2.84 and 2nd from 1.47 to 1.55. Kit includes high RPM caged needle pinion bearings, low inertia 6 plate high clutch assembly, low inertia reverse clutch assembly, and a 6000 RPM intermediate one way clutch. Also has a 4 plate intermediate clutch, improved lube forward clutch hub, #2 thru #9 needle thrust bearings and improved #5, #7 and #9 support washers. This provides more acceleration for drag racers and more towing power for motor homes and tow vehicles. This is a great way to get around changing axle ratios. These normally sell for $600-$625.

    Aditionally, this gearset is made from better materials than the older model aod's.…249196&highlight=aod+gear"

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