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    Hello everyone, kind of a tough question here for the K code gurus but there is no better place to ask it!

    I recently purchased an original Cobra 2 X 4 intake manifold with it's 2 Carter AFB's numbered 3258S and 3259S. I believe that they were originally listed under part number C4OZ-6BO68-E. It has the Stellings and Hellings air filters too. They were for the Kars built before June of 1966, which my Kar was. At any rate I was wondering a couple of things;

    1. Is my manual choke cable supposed to hook back up to these things to be 'correct?'

    2. The carbs are both stamped 3J3...does that indicate a 1963-October-03 build date?

    Thank you in advance, Rob B.

    I see on the Seattle WA Craigslist this morning that there is an early, (4H3), motor for sale, with a flywheel etc for $5,500. The ad also mentions that there is a toploader available as well that is stamped with the same VIN as the motor. Rob B.

    Here is the ad:

    Ford 289 K code Motor - $5500 (Redmond)

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    Date: 2011-01-27, 9:22AM PST

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    5 bolt 289 Hi Po motor std bore k code engine complete with bellhousing,flywheel,& dual point dist. heads dated 4h3. Period correct for an early mustang, fairlane,comet,tiger mustang. Also have matching toploader availible.

    •Location: Redmond

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    Hello everyone, I think we all agree that this is a fantastic site full of great people that are very helpful and knowledgeable. Because of this site and the people on it I was able to locate many hard to find parts, (thanks Mark/65Shelby), and get technical information that has been vital in helping me restore my 66 K code fastback. As we know, the registry is up and running too which, I imagine, was no small task.

    As such, I have just made a small donation of $25.00 through Paypal. I challenge each and every member of the HPMX to give this site a donation to show your appreciation and to say thank you to Marv, RacCol and ESPECIALLY SixT5HiPo.

    Without these guys and many others, where would we be?

    Thanks to everyone at for getting the registry part of this website operational once again. I am sure that I speak for all members when I say that your hard work, knowledge and dedication is tremendously appreciated by all of us.

    I see my last thread was locked. I also see that my last post was deleted. So much for democracy on the HPMX, ironic given that the great nation of the United States, a nation the world looks up to, was founded on Democracy, freedom of speach, freedom of the press and freedom in general. Even more ironic is that this thread was locked by someone from the "City of Brotherly Love".

    They say a team is only as strong as its weakest link. I know who that is now.

    Thank you everyone for the great feedback! I think that its time to re-focus and clarify this thread. My opinion was, and still is, that the registry component and ONLY the registry component of this site does not work. Because it does not work, two things are happening;

    1. People who try to register their K codes attempt to do just that and get turned off when they cannot do this and lose interest in the site. This is simply human nature.

    2. When we lose those people because they are annoyed that they cannot register their cars we ALL lose ALL of that potential data, friendship, information and experience.

    This has a disasterous effect on our site. The membership of the site will not grow as quickly as it could, less new members equals less of everything that this site stands for BESIDES being a just a registry. If I didn't care about this site, the people here, the preservation ond conservation of the K code car, I would not own one, I would not be restoring one and I would not be a member here.

    I was contacted by a member of this forum yesterday who was also bothered by the fact that no new cars have been registered in four years. Actually, to be more accurate, he told me that the data from the new cars that have been registered has not been made public and is sitting in someones hard drive somewhere and that this person will not make that information public.

    Thats actually about scary when you think about it. Someone has several hundred of our K code VINs, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, car desriptions and everything else that you may have entered and refuses to share this with anyone. Its also scary because we all entered that data in good faith hoping that the information would be shared with others, not hoarded in someones own, private hard drive.

    Anyway, maybe its time to start something called "part two" of the registry as a seperate entity from the the original one. After all, the original one already has 1,490 cars in it so there would be no point in republishig all of those numbers. Part 2 could start at number 1,491 and would include all of the cars that have been floating around cyberspace since 2006 and any new people that also were interested in having their car in the part 2 part of the registry.

    Having said that I would like to thank all of the members who have helped me with information, data, technical stuff, parts and friendship since I joined this site a short while ago. Your assistance and encouragement have been amazing. Thank you all and Merry "Kristmas" Rob Burton, 1966 Antique Bronze K code Fastback, BC Canada.

    I am just wondering what is he point or the "mission" of this registry? I thought it was to gather and share as much FACTUAL information as possible about these cars? I thought that it was to encourage ALL K code owners to register their vehicles on this site?

    About 6 months ago I attempted to register my long lost K code here and went about the process of doing just that. 7 months later, still nothing. I hear that there about 100 cars still waiting to be registered. I have also read other members frustration in this regard, members who have been waiting for over 2 years to hear that their cars have been registered.

    If this is simply a glorified ebay site where a few elite members buy and sell parts, BRAVO....mission accomplished.

    If this is truly a "registry" for K codes then that part of it is a total joke.

    A few days ago I found a 1966 K code fastback literally next door to me, 100 feet from where I am typing this letter. It has been sitting in his garage looking as if it just came off the showroom floor. It would be a perfect candidate for studying, registry purposes and documentaton issues. It is 100% original, its a GT with Pony interior, all the paperwork from day name it, its there.

    My first question to the owner was "did you register it in the Hi-po registry?" He replied "I tried many times to contact those folks but they never responded so I gave up."

    So there is an opportunity to have a great vehicle in the registry with all of its data intact lost because of the ridiculous way that this part of the registry is done, or more accurately NOT DONE.

    Maybe its time to start a registry that actually registers these cars. This one can be ebays baby brother because, quite frankly, thats all that it has been for years.If you are going to call it a registry, how about registering something once in a while?

    Rob Burton.