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Do you have pictures of these carburetors clearly showing date code stampings?

Dan Case

Hello everyone, kind of a tough question here for the K code gurus but there is no better place to ask it!

I recently purchased an original Cobra 2 X 4 intake manifold with it's 2 Carter AFB's numbered 3258S and 3259S. I believe that they were originally listed under part number C4OZ-6BO68-E. It has the Stellings and Hellings air filters too. They were for the Kars built before June of 1966, which my Kar was. At any rate I was wondering a couple of things;

1. Is my manual choke cable supposed to hook back up to these things to be 'correct?'

2. The carbs are both stamped 3J3...does that indicate a 1963-October-03 build date?