What would my Kar have looked like in 1964?

  • My 1964 1/2 K-Code is getting closer to be finished - although there have been some delays lately, so not sure when it will be back on the road, but hopefully this year...

    All the hard work has been done, now it is assembly time - and in that regard I have some questions.

    My Kar is a black on black hardtop, it has two-point seatbelts, a Rally Pac and a radio, and that's about it when it comes to options. Dearborn built and delivered new to California. Scheduled build date June 13 1964.

    The car was complete when I bought it back in 1997 - I am the first titled owner in Norway. I know nothing about its history.

    What I would like to know:

    - It has a side mirror on the driver's side only, was a passenger side mirror an option?

    - It does not have a window washer fluid system, and I am pretty sure it has never had one. Was this optional, or a delete option?

    - It does not have the vertical front and rear bumper guards (and I quite like the way it looks without them), would/could it have been ordered that way?

    -It does not have the quarter panel scallops, should it or was that an option or option delete?

    Much appreciate your input and advice.

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