NOS 65/66 Parts and Miscellaneous Used 65/69 Parts

  • For sale is a list of NOS and Original parts I have available at this time.

    Shipping will mostly be in the pre priced Small, Medium, and Large USPS Priority Mail boxes.
    I will message you about the shipping cost of each item/items.
    I have more specific, detailed photos of the parts available via PM, just didn't want to flood the thread with a thousand photos.

    I will have these parts listed for sale also on the SAAC forum and Concours Mustang fourm. I work swing/nights to my responses may be later and/or delayed a bit but I will respond.

    Willing to sell and meet up locally. Located in Puyallup, WA. About 45 minutes south of Seattle.

    Also willing to make a trade/deal for a Dearborn 5/64 to 10/64 dated HiPo 4 speed C4ZE-8005 radiator.

    Pictures "A"

    NOS C3OZ-6A630-A HiPo 289 counterweight crank hatchet in Ford paper bag $200
    NOS C5OZ-13341-B 65/66 Mustang Turn Signal Switch (Have 2) $80 each
    NOS C5ZZ-8530147-B 65/66 Mustang Coupe rear drivers side quarter window rubber channel gasket $30
    NOS C5ZZ-16228-B 65/66 HiPo 289 Fender Emblem (Have 2 boxes with 3 emblems) $40 each
    NOS C5ZZ-16098-B MUSTANG Fener Script emblem $25
    NOS C5ZZ-5A246-M Drivers side (left hand) Arvinode exhaust hanger. Used only on HiPo cars from October 15th, 1964 to March of 1965. Will trade for a NOS Passenger side hanger. $200
    NOS C6OZ-5493-E 67-71 Mustang 7/8 Handling Package Sway Bar Bushing (Have only 1 bushing) $35
    NOS C6OZ-5493-B 67-71 3/4 Mustang Sway Bar Bushings (Pair, part number C9OA-5484-C on bushing) $25 pr.
    NOS C8AZ-6023-B 289/302/351 Timing Chain Pointer $10
    NOS C9ZZ-10094-A Motorcraft Mustang alternator bearing $5
    NOS D5OZ-13341-B 289/302 crankshaft timing chain sprocket $10

    Picture "B"

    5A dated Hipo 289 Air Cleaner Base (non closed emissions base, no nipple) $180
    Used C3OZ-6A630-A HiPo 289 counterweight crank hatchet with original HiPo 289 crank sprocket $170
    Used FoMoCo script HiPo 289 "Look-A-Like" fan spacer. Spacer has no markings other than FoMoCo on nose. Measures ~1/4 inch shorter than my original HiPo 289 fan spacer. $30
    65/66 Fastback trap door prop assembly. This one was painted a gray color $20
    65/66 Fastback trap door prop assembly. This one is what appears to be the original zinc finish $25
    Original Carter Button Top FE 4194s canister fuel pump. Dated 15D6A. Needs a rebuild. SOLD

    Picture "C"

    Original 64.5 Mustang 4 speed sharp angled shifter. Has some light pitting / rust spots at the base of the shifter where the rubber boot rubbed. Chrome everywhere else is great and would be a great driver / survivor quality. T handle and reverse lockout cable work great, also believed to be the original shifter knob. Comes with 2 original circle/button lower bushings and springs. $200 SOLD

    Original 65/67 Mustang 4 speed shifter. Chrome on this shifter is not as nice as the 64.5 shifter. Has swirls, pitting here and there with rust spots and chrome dulling close to the base. Rust and pitting on the t handle chrome cover. Also believed to be an original shifter knob. T handle and reverse lockout cable work great. Comes with rubber boot, only a small tear at the smallest portion of the boot that the shifter comes through. $105
    4 speed Mustang Toploader/T-10 shifter base/box. Moves freely $165 SOLD
    C7AE-6312-A 3 bolt 2 groove crank pulley $35

    Picture "D"

    68-73 9" Axle Pinion snubber bracket with C9OA rubber bumper. Media blasted and painted (shows pitting from rust) $70
    68-73 9" Axle Pinion snubber bracket with C9OA rubber bumper. Rusty, will need to be media blasted SOLD
    68-73 9" Axle Pinion snubber bracket with D3ZA rubber bumper (bottom side of threaded bumper is rusty and crusty). Rusty, will need to be media blasted. $35
    65/66 Fastback headliner panels (has 2 additional holes in the panel that will need to be tack welded closed, very small) $60 pr.
    65/66 Fastback headliner panels (does not have any additional holes like the ones above, but has pitting in the metal) $40 pr.

    Picture "E"

    Passenger C6OA Mustang spindle $60
    65/66 Fastback Drivers side fiberglass interior corner panel (slight fiberglass cracking on 2 bolt locations, very faint) $40
    260 / early 289 Eaton power steering pump with brackets $50

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