1966 Hi Po K Code Intake and Carburetor Correct factory Date Codes

  • I am about to sell I feel a matching Date Code Carb /Intake and just want clarification if Im right on its a matching set . I mostly had 1969 parts and cars and still have a few parts but not the nice parts .The Intake has a tag info ( 289 C 66 9 6B 245 S ) and the date code on the Intake is 6A29 . To me that refers to 1966 Jan 29 , The Carb has the Tag and all correct markings tag info is ( C6ZF C B 5MD ) Which if im correct is 4Th week of Dec 1965. I do know this set was taken off a 66 K Code Fastback around 1975 and replaced with a different aftermarket set up .Ive gotten the intake near perfect redone and the Autolite is in the middle of a full rebuild by an Autolite Expert .It seems the date codes are within a month or close to , I can only assume from all I know it was a matching set back then and would like any knowledge from the experts here . Thank you in advance for any knowledge . Wayne

  • That is certainly a reasonable timeframe to be a matched set. A general rule is date stamps within a month of a car's scheduled build date, however that can vary greatly depending on which timeframe we are talking about, as parts got scarce and things got busy. I have heard of date stamps being 2 to 3 months apart, and even the scheduled build date on a door tag can vary widely from the actual build date of the car. It is by no means a set in stone thing.

    I would also like to discuss when it comes time to sell. You can send me PM or email at classiauto66@gmail.com


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