roller lifters

  • thinking of installing a roller cam in a 289 or early 302 non roller block, question is about the roller lifters being longer than flat tappet ones ,might they come out further of the bore to create a problem,

  • The base circle for a retro fit roller cam is different than a regular 5.0 roller cam.

    Look at Comp Cams, Crane , Summit etc at the roller cam options for a 289/302W block.

  • Have a look at one of the camshaft websites as to the extent of the required parts you will need for the conversion i.e shorter pushrods etc

    Good luck with the auction and the conversion.

  • In my car I have a mid 90's 5.0 roller block. This made the process easy because this block is machined already for that spider thing. Going this route obviously has extra cost. Other than a couple difference's to the block, no one really knows its a 90's block vs a 60's.

    Hope this helps

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