Items needed for 5S003

  • Some items we're looking for:

    -A better 3939S fuel pump, with a cleaner crimped band, or NOS? Should be dated Aug-Sept '64.

    -NOS fuel pump filter canister with no blems or minimal. The one on 003 has some chips/wear.

    -NOS or very nice original tail light wiring harness. 65 style, fastback with no back-up lamp wiring.

    -Original serge edge carpet pieces glued to bottom of large fastback rear panels, can dye black if needed.

    -Original 9" 3.50:1 rear end tag, dated Aug/Sept/Oct '64. This will most likely be a display item (WCZ-H 3.50 with 921)

    -Original CCC decal for front headlight wiring harness or would buy an NOS harness, should have yellow horn wires

    -Correct T10 NOS rear tail shaft bushing/seal.

    -NOS or very nice original hood to cowl seal. Ok if nice original is slightly wavy.

    -NOS or original trunk lid seal. Has to be open style, the -A version

    -Pair of NOS door lock knob grommets

    -Very nice original pair of front seat back panels. Prefer black, but will take other colors.

    -NOS or very nice original wiper arms, Trico. Early style, non-flared chrome base with stainless arms. Only need arms, have blades

    -Rust free, non-pitted original 65-66 rear shock plates

    -Rust-free, non-pitted original 65 rear shackles. Normal style, not staggered.

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