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  • hi everyone,

    my name is John and im in the UK, I have a '67 fastback.

    • Hi John

      Just Seen this thread

      I’m also in uk. With 1965 non GT fastback.

      I know there must be a few more k code owners in uk

      My name is also John live in Surrey

      07718 883444 if you fancy a chat.

      After many issues I’m getting on there.

      Fred is a fountain of knowledge

    • Hello mate, thanks for the message. I’m in Kent so not that far from you.

      I’ve recently finished a full rebuild on my K code and very happy how it’s worked out. I put in a new clutch while I was in there which feels a bit juddery, I’ve tried different adjustments with the pedal free play but can’t get rid of it completely. I had the flywheel refaced so that’s not the issue. How’s it going with your ’65? Is it done and on the road or working on it? Is it K code?

      Yeah this is a great site, very useful, you can rely on getting correct information here.

      Same to you mate, my number is 07779 133338