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    *Reposting due to originally listing in the wrong spot... Obviously a Newbie ;) *

    First Off I'd like to thank C6ZZKGT for all the information you helped provide back in November. You definitely have a ton of experience so thanks for helping me figure out where even to start!

    I thought it best to post on this existing tread versus a new one.

    I have a pair of 289 HiPo C7ZE heads produced on May 8, 1967. Both heads have matching date codes (7E8).

    Both heads have the double dots above the 289 casting and they have casting numbers of 19 and 21 on the corners.

    These heads were pulled from a running/daily driver motor (302 engine I recently pulled from my 1969 Ford Bronco) and show no signs of cracks, being repaired, ported or modified.

    The heads are not set up for the Thermactor system.

    If you have have any questions or need additional photos/information please let me know.

    I can ship on your dime and am located in Tampa, Florida.

    I am in no rush to sell so please no lowball offers, but offers are welcomed.

    $2400 OBO


    image1_autoscaled.jpgimage2_autoscaled.jpgimage3_autoscaled.jpgC7ZE Heads_autoscaled.jpgC7ZE Heads_2.jpgC7ZE Heads_3.jpg