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    Howdy Y'all!

    So I was left with some cars and some car parts. I am currently in the stage of identifying what I have.

    This engine was on an engine stand in my fathers basement. It was wrapped in like 5 garbage bags and then had carpet padding on it!

    I've attached a few photos of it, the most helpful I am assuming is the last - C40E-6015F

    In my preview pane the photos look like garbage, I hope they shop up better when I post.

    What, if anything, can anyone tell me about this engine? Thank you all in advance!


    Blue Engine 1_autoscaled.jpgBlue Engine 2_autoscaled.jpgBlue Engine 3_autoscaled.jpgBlue Engine 4_autoscaled.jpg

    Hello All....

    Just joined, first post.....

    My father had a 1966 GT350 with the supercharger. When he sold the car in the mid 80's the purchaser was not interested in blower. So I now have a paxton supercharger with manifold and carb. I have some pulleys and parts that were with the blower also.

    According to some members at SAAC it is believed that this was an add-on to my fathers car. This is due to the manifold have SHELBY etched on it rather than COBRA and a few other details.

    I plan on selling the unit soon. I am simply educating myself to determine how much to sell it for.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to sell it? (Maybe here?) And how much it is worth?

    Thank you all in advance,

    MichaelPaxton SC_autoscaled.jpg