New member from Sweden

  • Hi All!
    I got an export 66 K-code GT Fastback about a year ago (had a couple of A-codes Fastbacks before - since -81)
    Its a Silver Frost car with red interior. Also C4 auto... as all V8 exports to Sweden it also received a console, rally pac and 2-speed wipers

    its been used and abused for a long time and restored in 2000-2004 and hardly driven since.


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    Welcome aboard, Claes.

    It sounds like you have an interesting stable there!!


    65 Koupe early San Jose Phoenician Yellow 4 speed
    66 GT Koupe Dearborn Blue 4 speed
    66 KGT San Jose fastback pony interior Silver Frost 4 speed
    64 Falcon sedan delivery 289 4 speed
    65 Ranchero 289 4 speed
    66 Corvette roadster 427/425 4 speed

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