Wanted: 1967 K-Code Fastback - Complete Car Daily Driver

  • Hello everyone hope all is well.

    I am new to group and looking for a 1967 K-Code Mustang Fastback. I am looking for a daily driver to make memories with family so I am open to all types of vehicle and not worried about interior or exterior colours or if non-matching numbers car.

    Might consider a 1965 or 1966 however really have my heart set on 1967 as have fond memories growing up with my Dad's 1964.5 coupe and watching Bullitt movie with him (not looking at having either of those cars mentioned just gives reference to longtime Ford Mustang lover).

    You can text or email me at (905) 923-7692 or chadcurtin@hotmail.com. Located in Canada and willing to consider purchase anywhere.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  • There is a lovely looking, but very pricey, '67 K code FB for sale in the Netherlands. No affiliation....I just stumbled across it on Instagram.

    geevers.nl should get you there.

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