Old member back in the game from Iowa

  • Hello everyone, I am so happy to be back it has been some years. Life happened and my kar sat for 8 years unfinished. Life is good now and I just finished building my shop and getting ready to start where I left off. Looking forward to being part of this great site again as well.


  • Welcome back old member. I am not an old member - just old - and joined last year. I know about those "LIFE HAPPENS" episodes too well. Glad to hear you are between episodes again. Hope it's a long time before the next one. LOL Mike

    • Official Post

    Welcome back, Brian. You are ahead of most people out there as you still have your Kar. Too many people sold off their Kars.


    65 Koupe early San Jose Phoenician Yellow 4 speed
    66 GT Koupe Dearborn Blue 4 speed
    66 KGT San Jose fastback pony interior Silver Frost 4 speed
    64 Falcon sedan delivery 289 4 speed
    65 Ranchero 289 4 speed
    66 Corvette roadster 427/425 4 speed

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