Rare 4-bolt main HiPo block

  • Its most likely a Ford GT40 302 Block, check out this link and look at specs.


    "The engine is from Ford Advanced Vehicles, Slough, Buckinghamshire, England with engine block Casting No. XE-136505 (the 'X' stands for experimental and prepared for the racing car program, while the 'E' is for Engine Division.) The engine has been stroked to three inches with a forged steel, Tufftrided, cross drilled crank to make it a full five litres. The crank is supported with 4-bolt main caps. The 4-bolt main Ford castings were first available in May 1967 according to Stewart Mathesion. Forgetrue forged pistons are held with Carillo Billet steel connecting rods. A Shelby Race Cobra, camshaft kit, Part No. SICR-6250, duration of 289 degrees, intake and exhaust with 69 degrees overlap and .500 inch lift on both valves is installed. Competition, titanium intake valves of 2.03" diameter and hollow stem sodium cooled exhaust valves of 1.62 inches are installed in the Gurney-Weslake Mark IV aluminium heads (later known as Gurney-Eagle heads). It was now fitted with four dual throat 48IDA Weber carbs. This engine produces 453 BHP, at 6000 RPM"

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  • Bo, I saw that and thought the same thing...

    Gary, thanks for the info.

    It will be interesting to see if it meets reserve and what it sells for. It's gotta be a pretty rare piece.


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