K-Distributor Upgrade to Mallory Unilite

  • Most of us like the nostalgic look of the K-Motor distributor w/o the vacuum fitting. We also like the reliability of the newer electronic ignitions. With Mallory Unilites running several hundred dollars, here's a nifty upgrade I made to a K housing using a Mallory Unilite conversion kit that was only $63. available from Summit Racing.

    I needed to install a single point breaker plate inside the dual point housing that the Mallory kit attaches to. Also had to fix the movement in the housing that remains when the no longer used vacuum advance/retard mechanism is disconnected.

    Attached photos of the retrofit.

    Special thanks to Marv for the housing!!!


  • Care to tell the Summit part number ?.

    Bit confused on the vac advance / retard movement that you had to fix.

    Surely the dual point does not have vac adv /ret.

    Please clarify the situation on that.

    Thanks, looks very interesting, any other parts to the kit or is that it ?

    How many wires are there, and what are the connections ?



  • 3 Wire (and will abolulty fry the unit if you don't reduce the voltage with a ballast resistor before the unit)

    Summit part #MAA-61002M. Comes w/wiring diagram.

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