hipo fuel pump

  • Which fuel pump would be correct for my 65 hipo with a April 65 build date. I know it is a carter pump, but is it crimped or screw together design?

    When looking in the 4th addition of Tony Gregory's hipo book, it shows a picture of a 65 motor on page 59. The middle picture shows a crimped fuel pump, but the picture above shows a screwed together but says it is a 64.5 engine. So which one would be correct?

    Thanks Tim

  • Also on page 49 of this book, it shows a picture of a 3939 but it is a screw together. The book contradicts itself, unless there was a cut off of when it changed from screw on and crimped and it was still called 3939. Any ideas on this?

  • Thanks for all your assistance. I actually have one of of each style, but the crimped one doesnt have the actual numbers on it, but then i have the screw together pump that has the 3939 s on it. So i am guessing this one is a phony??. Both were sold to me at separate times and businesses representing they were both correct.

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    Is there an upload button for adding the pics of my parts here for all to look at?

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    you have to upload your photos to a hosting site like photobucket.com

    once they are there you can post a link here.


  • Ok, it worked, This is the pictures you requested to view of the 3939 carters hipo fuel pump showing the date code is 5h7. This is the screw together one that i dont know if its a fake or not. Thanks everyone for your expertise on this matter. Tim

  • The stamps are very fresh...looks redone to me.

    The 3939S pump is the button top, crimp together style.

    ACMAN63 has a Cobra and early HiPo screw together type on eBay right now - 3732S

    eBay item #280716703410

    I have a similar Carter X pump - on my car in '79 when I got it - the origianl 3939S pump was long gone.

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