HiPo choke cable ....

  • I'm restoring my original HiPo choke cable and the rubber sleeve is shot. Anyone know where to get the correct size rubber tubing? I called Scott Drake but they don't sell it seperately and of course wouldn't tell me the source for their repops.



  • Can somebody, please post a picture of an original choke cable

    with the original crimp. Checked my 65 and couldn't find any.

    Will check the original one I have in Sweden next summer.

    Thanks, Bo

  • Hi Bo,

    My crimp seperated from the main rubber sleeve so a pic of it wouldn't be very helpful I'm afraid, I was lucky to find it. I'm sure others here will have better pics. In the meantime, as Paul mentioned above, the same crimp is used on the heater control cables and can be easily seen under the dash. Although if you're like me, crawling under the dash seems a lot harder than it used to be.


  • Thanks Dave,

    Checked a separate set of heater cables I have and

    it's just a standard crimp. How far from the end of the

    spiral shield is the crimp supposed to be?


  • So the repros are no where near close??? I've never compaired a repro next to an original....I am guessing that the one that sold on Ebay recently was a repro somehow, and was sold as an NOS?? WOW, who would have ever thought we'd be restoring CHOKE CABLES!!!

  • The repros are pretty good but I put my original

    beside a repro and two things stand out,

    the knob texture has a slight difference and the

    C is a bit more crisp on the original.

    By this post I have found out there should be

    a crimp as well. Neither of my choke cables had

    any. This summer I will check the one on my 67

    as I know that's an original 65-66 choke cable.


  • Sorry, but have never been able to post pictures here.

    However, sent pictures of the knob to Dave together with the following text:

    Hi Dave,

    Removed the knobs from my original wire in the 65 and the repro I have.

    There are 4 differences:

    C is much crisper on the original.

    Original is more gloss than repro.

    Ribs on original are wider and space between are shorter

    Screw in-six on original is larger than on repro.

    Maybe Dave can post them.

    Please note that this is a very old repro.

    Also, please note that the heater cables rubber tubing is 1/4" and the choke cable 5/16" OD. Inner diameter is 1/4" and tubing thickness

    1/32" on the choke tubing. Tried to use the crimp from the heater cable on the choke cable but as said, it was too small.

    I have spent hours to find tubing and crimps in hardware stores, Loews and Home Depot to no avail. Checked internet with the same results.


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