HP 289 engine

  • HP 289 engine For Sale

    I purchased engine in 1973 from a salvage yard.

    The 65 mustang was hit in the rear but the HP 289 badges got my attention.

    I bought the complete engine and installed it in a 66 coupe which I drove summers until 1994 when I pulled the Hipo and installed a 5.0 HO, EFI.

    Put 289 on a engine stand in my garage,loosened rocker arms, sprayed fogging oil in the cylinders,and turned engine over with a wrench twice a year.

    Engine is complete front to rear,top to bottom. Other than maintance items the only things that appear to be missing are the fan, alt.,and exhaust manifolds.Engine has a nonstock high volume oil pump and a baffle brazed inside the oil pan.

    Block C5AE-6015E.............. 4L16

    HP in faint yellow crayon and 1"x3'orange paint dab on rear of block.

    Standard bore. All bearings standard.

    Heads C5OE.............. 4G21 and 21 on both in corner

    screw in studs,adjustable rockers.

    Flywheel C3OE-6380B............... 4L7

    orange paint dab.

    Fuel pump 0-1719 Carter.............. 3939S

    White with red FoMoCo filter

    Water pump C5AE-8505-C

    Wp pully C5AE-10145-A

    Alt. bracket lower C5AE-10145-A

    Dist. C5OF-12127-E.................. 4LE

    Dual pts. no vac. adv.

    Carb C50 F L ......................... A4JD FoMoCo

    1 float leaks

    Motor mounts correct as per pics. on HiPo website

    All internals appear to be correct,big main caps,rods with 3/8" bolts, timing components, crank with seperate balance hatchet.

    Cranking oil pressure 60 psi.

    I'd like to see someone who is restoring one to have this engine, not sell it and see it on Ebay.I know this is a rare and valuable piece,and there are not many around this complete.

    $8500 is about what I have seen these this complete go for.

    I have access to a very high quality engine builder and arrangements could be made to rebuild or freshen.


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  • The VIN, if present, should be stamped on the right hand front side below and a about an inch to the rear of the battery ground tapped hole and above the oil pan mounting surface.


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    VIN # is 5F09K371XXX


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    Thank you. The partial VIN indicates the enigine was used in a Fastback built in Detroit mid Dec, 1965. It cannot be from a Shelby.


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