2 K code Coupes for sale

  • This is a sad day but due to job issues I have to sell both my K code coupes. One is a driver and the other will require restoration.

    Car 1 1966 Coupe C4 trans numbers matching I am the 4th owner the prior 3 were all from the same family. I did acquire the correct carb for this car and it is sitting in my basement. Car is complete and is a driver

    Car 2 1965 Stick numbers matching car. I am the 2nd owner of this car (but have not yet registered so technically a one owner car). The engine and trans are in my garage as the car came with a 302 installed. This car will require a full resto as it has been in storage since the late 70s. I have a lot of documentation with this car.

    If you go to new members forum and look for my username you can see pics of both cars. I am only looking to cover my costs here nothing else so there are deals to be had here as I got both cars at very reasonable prices.

    You can contact me on my cell at 201 349 0748 for additional information



    I just noticed the guidelines and I have to post prices so in the interests of starting the negotiation

    Car 1 $25k OBO

    Car 2 $15k OBO

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