Some new´s from Germany...

  • Hi guy´s!

    My name´s Alex, i´m almost 32 year´s old and i live in the south part of Germany, near Munich!

    I recently bought my new project, a 67 K-Code convertible with deluxe interior and automatic transmission!

    Like i said, it´s a project car with the original tranny and rearend but the engine is gone and replaced at some point. S..t <img src=images/icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

    But ok, live goes on! Actually i´m just lucky to have that car (even if it´s in pieces). Seem´s to be rare according to the Marti Report and the static´s here on your site <img src=images/icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

    So long, i have to prepare myself for a birthday party of one of my best friends! She´s getting 30 and there are many, many people i know! Sound´s like fun to me...

    Alex <img src=images/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

  • Welcome to the forum Alex. You will find many friendly and helpful people here.


    65 Koupe early San Jose Phoenician Yellow 4 speed
    66 GT Koupe Dearborn Blue 4 speed
    66 KGT San Jose fastback pony interior Silver Frost 4 speed
    64 Falcon sedan delivery 289 4 speed
    65 Ranchero 289 4 speed
    66 Corvette roadster 427/425 4 speed

  • Welcome, Alex. I've said it here many times before, but I'm always impressed by the world-wide following the HiPo Mustangs have. <i>Any</i> '67 K Code Mustang is a big deal. Having one in Germany is huge. A project like yours will be a true challenge. Here's hoping that yours will be a great success!

  • <font face='Comic Sans MS'>Hi Alex and welcome to the forum. Good luck with your project K kar. If you run into any snags as you reassemble the kar, there is bound to be someone here who can offer a solution. Keep us up to date with your progress. Post a couple of pictures. I'm pretty sure all of us would like to see them.</font id='Comic Sans MS'>

    [Blocked Image:]

  • Willkommen Alex,

    As stated by SixT5HiPo, it is amazing to me the following mustangs have from around the world. A 67 GTK convertible is a rare Kar indeed.Good luck with it and once again welcome


  • Welcome to the site and good luck with the Kar.

    Check out another favorite of mine

    Many thanks to Wolfgang who runs the site as he was able to help me through his website locate the second driver of my car who relocated back to Germany in 1971 !! I had owned my car for over twelve years searching for the drivers and within weeks of posting pictures on his site someone found him. He then sent me an e-mail with a never before picture of my car in Canada in 1967 doing a road rally.

    Check out this amazing website.

  • Groß Gott

    Willkommen zum Forum

    klingt wie Sie ein tolles Auto hat!

    Ihr english ist wahrscheinlich

    besser als mein Deutsch!

    wäre es möglich,

    einige Bilder Ihres Autos zu posten?

    'iowa' dave



    sounds like you have a great car

    your english is probably

    better than my german

    would it be possible to

    post a few pics?

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