• I have a k-code for sale (on Autotraderclassics) and received this email. Is this a scam?? It seems similar to a scam I read about but the difference is that they offer to use Paypal.

    Below is the email...

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    Thanks for your response,I am willing to pay your asking price but not cash in person because am from England and i'm on a missionary program which will end in couple of month,I will be paying you by paypal as i can't access any other form of payment online,so get back to me with your paypal email so i can process the payment and if you are new to paypal,you can easily set up your paypal account at http://www.paypal.com and link your bank account to it so you can get your cash after i make the payment.

    I have a shipping agent that will handle the pick up and shipping to my home address here in England,so get to me with your zip code in other for my shipping agent to estimate the shipping cost for me.

    Looking forward to read from you along with your paypal email,zip code and your phone # in case i need to call you.

    Very best wishes,


  • This has Nigerian scam written all over it. They also have a hugh foothold in the UK. During my previous career, I worked on many 419 cases here in the US and in the UK. They do have a new scam using paypal. See below.

    This is a link to another version of this Nigeria / Ebay scam: http://empegbbs.com/ubbthreads/sho…86/Main/281141/

    E-bay buyer claims that they are from Wisconsin and want to buy a cell phone for their daughter who is attending school in Nigera. This ebay buyer is claiming to be temporarily in the UK. They send an email that looks just like an official Pay Pal mail (see below) saying that the fund are on hold until a pay pal consultant confirms that the item has shipped. The paypal consulant has an email address going to the domain - consultant.com which you will see is not a valid business that would handle this type of transaction.



    I have made out my payment to you for this item purchase ,So check your mail for the new confirmation mail from paypal i also add and additional payment of $100.00 for the shipment charges and the remaining for the stress of going to send the item,also don't forget to send me the shipment tracking number so that my daughter can know when the item will reach her.

    You've got cash!

    Dear Brad,

    This email confirms that Mrs Lisa Wilcox have paid bdwhaley@scienceshareware.com $394.00 USD using PayPal.

    Mrs Lisa Wilcox just sent you money with PayPal.

    Mrs Lisa Wilcox is a Verified buyer.
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    Lisa Wilcox Payment Details.

    Payment Confirmation # 0775-1108-9321-3941-9139

    Purchased From:Brad

    Item # Item Title Quantity Price

    9725855611 Samsung A950 with 256MB Transflash, Home & Car Charger 1 $280.00 USD

    Shipping & Handling via Standard Delivery to :


    Shipping Insurance(included):

    Total: $394.00

    Note:This PayPal®payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been "APPROVED" but will not be credited to your account until the shipment tracking number is sent to our customers service for shipment verification so as to secure both the seller and the buyer. (pay-pal_Paid@consultant.com)

    Shipping Information

    Address: Verified.

    Address Status: Confirmed.

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    For more information on protecting yourself from fraud, please review our Security Tips at https://www.paypal.com/us/securitytips.

  • A woman from England who writes poorly, is out of the country on a missionary trip, and just has to buy your K code sight unseen with Paypal? Not your typical HiPo buyer demographic, is it?

    When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then it's probably a f#%king duck:)

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  • Yes, well I knew a female missionary from England (who doesn't seem to speak English very well) with a need for speed sounded a little shady....lol

    Just for fun I emailed "her" back and asked why she likes k-codes and could she please tell me a little about here home town in England. If I get a reply it should be interesting....

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  • Some time ago when I was into the research on the Arvinode system I posted a "wanted" ad in Hemmings offering to buy a system in any condition, used or new. I received a lengthy and detailed message from a fellow in Cameroon claiming to have been a police officer who had retired and was now selling his spare parts off. In his second or third email he naturally wanted me to send him money via PayPal, etc. When I asked him to send me detailed images he sent me a picture of a contemporary 5.0 liter system he had lifed from the Magnaflow web site. Dirtbags are everywhere.

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